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Diamond Fund in Moscow. Tour of the Russian Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin with an English speaking guide.

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The Kremlin and the Russian Diamond Fund are closed for visits on THURSDAYS.

Diamond fund is the collection of creations of Russian goldsmiths of the XVIII-XX centuries. It has unique and unusual nuggets of gold and platinum, unique precious stones and jewelery. Such items are very important for the State, for history and culture, but apart from this they have very high monetary value. The Diamond Fund of the Kremlin was founded by Peter I.

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Collection of the Diamond Fund is divided into seven groups:

·Imperial regalia for coronation ceremonies;

·Orders and medals (state decorations);

·Jewelry of XVIII-XIX centuries;

·Creations of jewelry makers of the 2nd half of the XX century;

·Diamonds mined in Russia;

·Rare precious and semi-precious stones;

·Nuggets of gold and platinum.

The main collection of the Diamond Fund is exhibited in two halls.

·Hall no. 1: precious stones, diamonds, nuggets and jewelry.

·Hall no. 2: historically valuable artifacts.

During the excursion with an English speaking guide you will learn a lot of interesting facts: which exhibits are the most expensive and unique, to whom Shah diamond used to belong, where is the world's largest flat diamond kept, when was the Diamond fund collection founded and what tsar regalia does the exhibition show.

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