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English speaking guide tour in Moscow

An excursion programme around Moscow with an English speaking tour guide. What could be more  fascinating and interesting for a tourist than a  city tour?  To make any sightseeing tour  unforgettable you need a professional tour guide with excellent knowledge of English in Moscow, only such person would be able  to guarantee that your excursions and walking tours in the capitol of Russia will be interesting for you, English speaking guests.  Having a huge experience of successful work as a guide-interpreter, I can assure you that the guests of the capitol won’t be never bored and the only positive impressions from visiting Moscow will be kept in memory!

You can order:

• arranging excursions for English speaking tourists (as individually so for groups).  The tour route and the programme will be studied to the very last detail, the tourists will be able to see a huge quantity of capitol’s sightseeing: the
Red Square,   Alexander Garden, Kitai-gorod and other beautiful and interesting places upon their request.

• Walking tours and excursions for English speaking foreigners who came to Moscow on business trip. Not only I speak English well but also I know how to behave at official meetings of high level.

It’s very important that  a tour guide around Moscow have such number of qualifications as stress resistant,  sociability, tact, be polite and smart.  All-want-knowing tourists often make curios questions , during tours there can be created unforeseen situations.  Cooperating with me you can be sure that the excursions  will be performed on professional level, and every member of a tourists’ group will get a good impression about Russia on the whole and Moscow in particular.

What tours can you order with a guide-interpreter?

Where and how you can have a good time with an English speaking tour guide in Moscow.  Moscow is an impressive city,  walking in and watching its sightseeing you can obviously spend more than one day, that’s why in any tour route I’m trying to show the most interesting places of the capitol. For a short acquaintance with Moscow the best thing is a  city sightseeing tour, in the course of it a guide-interpreter  will lead tourists through the Red Square, to the territory of the Kremlin, then the walk proceed to the Manege Square , then the Pushkin Museum, The Tretyakov Gallery and so on.

It’s obviously an advantage having an English speaking tour guide as in spite of hearing a standard  number of phrases the tourists can get answers on the questions which are interested for them, can have a discussion of it with a guide.

I always prepare for the excursions before, taking care of the particulars and wishes of my clients.  As a result every foreigner get a well-done excursion full of good story telling and visiting a big number of interesting places.  Every minute will be worthwhile, thanks to a router thought in detail, and any unexpected difficulties will be easily resolved  by you interpreter.

Guide tours in English for foreigners in Moscow.  You can make use of services  of the professional English speaking guide in Moscow, contacting me by e-mail: or by skype:mizghinova. Call now to discuss all details of our future collaboration and to get agree.  I will help any guest of our capitol to fell hilmself as at home in Moscow, I will show the most interesting sides of the capitol and any your questions will get a response.  Good quality of services is guaranteed.

• A client can choose from a few routers, creating  a personal router is possible as well.  In case it’s requested an escort of foreigners during a walk trip for  a long period of time,  we can offer you such services, in this case all the working time of a guide will be dedicated to the only one tourist (or to the only one group).

• On the prior agreement we can discuss as well  the transfer, the organisation of dinners during a long time excursion and other additional services.

Where to go for a walk with your personal English speaking guide . • The day and the time are chosen by a client, but they must be agreed beforehand.  To make an excursion go in the best way, time to its organization is needed.

"Trust the arranging of your excursion in English only to the professional people, and the guests of our capital will be satisfied with their well spent time!"


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