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Izmailovo kremlin is among the most beautiful sights of the capital. When you step over the threshold of this cultural complex you will find yourself in a fairy tale which is filled with colorful characters and unordinary architectural monuments. Visiting of Izmailovo kremlin give an opportunity to find out more about historical events connected with Izmailovo, to feel the greatness of Russia and to see interesting architecture and historically valuable greatness of Kremlin in Izmailovo.

To order an excursion to this place it’s enough to call the guide and choose appropriate date: Izmailovo Kremlin is historical, architectural and also entertaining complex of historical significance. It combines characteristics of ancient Russian architecture – kremlin-towers of different times, the most interesting, bright components. At the same time here you can see industry created these days for the rest.

Flea market in Izmailovo deserves special attention. It is also called Vernissage or second-hand goods market. It seems one can find everything here! For example, there is “Vodka museum”. On the flea market one can buy many things in “Vintage” style, and rather cheap and  in modern environment. In second-hand goods market you can buy: animal skins, glass and crystal items, iconography objects, second-hand books, different pictures and also post cards. Some counters differ by the strict specialization and on some counters you can buy whatever you want. Tourists buy very many souvenirs here, very interesting and rare. By the way, you will find nowhere such a choice of fur hats as here.

Here is provided everything for creative pastime for children and adults, master-classes of Ancient Russia took place here, different thematic excursions, weddings, significant dates, holidays for children, horse-riding and captivating games. Also there is St. Nicolas cathedral, business center and museums. Picture with Izmailovo Kremlin at the background is something unforgettable. Only think about it, how many sights of century-old history of great state are gathered in one place!

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