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Sightseeing in Kolomenskoe near Moscow with an English speaking guide for group and individual tourists

6-private-tour-guide-moscow Excursion to Kolomenskoe of Moscow with private tour guide.

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Spasskie gate (rear) of 1963

Spasskie gate was built in 1970-s together with the walls of Tsar yard and served as the entrance to the household of palace manor. Tittle of the gate originates from one of the icons above the arches – image of the Savior. There is another tittle of the gates – “Rear”. The gate has two entrances: wide one for carts with cargo and narrow for pedestrians. Wings of the gates were dumb in the ancient period.

From the south the gates were adjoined by two buildings of Marksman guardrooms built in 1680-s and serving for the guard service from external and internal sides of tsar residence. Guardrooms were dismantled in 1814 during the construction of the palace of the emperor Alexander I (1801-1825) and restored in 2007.

Complex of Front Gates 1672-1673

Front gates located on the territory of the Tsar yard of the manor Kolomenskoe were built in the period of ruling of tsar Alexey Michailovich in 1673. These were the main gates of summer tsar residence since the main entrance to Kolomenskoe was on the side of Moskva river on the “ambassador” road. Through these very gates eminent guests entered the Tsar yard. Here eminent guests were met by mechanical lions, welcoming them with formidable growl: “Behind the gates there were 4 lions made of wood and dressed in wool reminding lion hair.

Inside the gates there were the same 4 lions”. Central part of ensemble of Front gates is complex four-tier rectangular building of the Front gates standing on white-stone vase. In the lower tier it is cut through by two vaulted apertures with different height, intended for the entrance and “pedestrian walk”. On the second tier there is big Organ chamber where there was arranged mechanism of “lion’s roar”, putting in action huge figures of lions. On the third tier there was clock mechanism. The bells of clock chime were located above it in the apertures of the tower. Atop of the tight octahedral tent there was installed wooden tsar two-headed eagle with a crown soldered with white iron.

In the first part of 2004 in ensemble of the Front gates was opened an exposition “Milestones of Kolomeskoe history”.

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Oak-wood near the tsar’s yard

Peter’s oaks are the most ancient trees on the territory of Kolomenskoe. Their age reaches 300-600 years. According to the legend under their shadow young Peter Alexeevich, future emperor Peter I studied alphabet.

House of Peter I

It was called palace in the documents of XVIII-XIX centuries and was built by Russian and Dutch masters in 1702 on the island of St. Mark at the mouth of Northern Dvina near Arkhangelsk. Like all structures of Russian North it was made of thick round logs, winterized by moss and had low door aperture and mica windows. Tsar lived there for 2,5 months in summer of 1702 during the building of Novodviskaya fortress and war ships. At the same time here, on Solombalskie shipyards the foundations of Russian sea navy were established. In 1834 it was moved to Kolomenskoe.

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