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Excursions around Moscow Metro with a tour guide in English: Komsomolskaya station, Novoslobodskaya station

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It was opened on January 30, 1952.

It was planned as entrance gates of the city with a purpose to make an impression on those who arrived to the city since it’s situated near three huge railway stations. Architectural style of the station combines elements of classicism, empire style and baroque. 34 arcades rest on octahedral columns faced with pink and bluish-grey marble. The floor of the station is paved with grey granite. Now the vault of central hall is decorated by 8 panels made in a technique of antique smalt mosaics. Architectural and artistic decoration of “Komsomolskaya” is dedicated to the topic “Struggle of Russian people for the freedom and independence”. These panels depict outstanding military and political figures of different periods.

Mosaic “Alexander Nevskiy” (on a white house in the center), mosaic “Dmitriy Donskoy before the The Battle of Kulikovo” (in the distance on the white horse with a banner), mosaic “Minin and Pojarskiy in Moscow” (near the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed), mosaic “Suvorov’s expedition to Alpines” (mountains, he is on the horse with lifted right arm), mosaic “Battle of Borodino” (to horses to the right, one is brown, another is black), mosaic “Speech of V.I. Lenin on the Red Square”, mosaic “Red Army men with a red banner”, mosaic “triumph of the victory”.

In the dead end of the hall there is a bust of V.I. Lenin.

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It was opened on January 30, 1952. The station got it name after the street Novoslobodskaya which appeared in 16-17 centuries along the road to the town Dmitrov.

The brightest element in the decoration of station is 32 spectacular illuminated stained-glass windows which are placed inside the pylons and are edged with golden brass. There are two of them on each pylon in the direction of hall and platform. Quaint combination of colored glasses forms images of fantastic flowers, plants, stars. Inside the stained-glass windows, small medallions with the images of genre scenes of ideal peaceful life are inserted in the upper part. Six of them show people of some professions: architect, geographer, artist, power engineers, musician and agronomist. On the others there are geometrical patterns and five-pointed stars. Stained-glass windows were made by Latvian artists – Russia didn’t have tradition of such window decoration. For the manufacture of stained-glass windows there were used glasses stored in the cathedral of Riga and intended for Roman-Catholic churches.

In the end of central hall there is a big, wall-sized panel “Peace in the whole world”. The panel in the end of hall illustrates happy mother with a child in her hands. Above the woman’s head there was located a medallion with Stalin’s portrait. After destalinization in 1961-1966 an artist had to redesign mosaic and on the place of a leader appeared hovering white pigeons.

The walls are faced with marble. The floor is paved with grey and black granite tiles placed as on a chess-board. Besides the stained glass-window the station is illuminated by the hanging chandeliers-plates.

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