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Interesting excursion with tour guide in Tverskaya street. I would like to invite you to the amazing walk along the Tverskaya street! This street is one of the most ancient in the capital. Therefore, it managed to preserve imprints of all periods of Moscow development: from Ivan the Terrible to our days.

I invite everyone desiring to get to know one of the most beautiful and famous capital streets, I invite to make a really interesting journey! Use the services of a professional guide and a lot of pleasant memories of this Moscow trip will stay with you forever! 

Nowadays, Tverskaya street is a central street of the city and it connects Triumfalnaya Square with the Kremlin. Here are gathered amazing architectural models of the past centuries: they are majestic and almost timeless. The heritage of the past centuries is diligently preserved since this is the most precious monuments of Russian capital history. Such sights of the city are on the Tverskaya street:

  • the oldest hotel «National»,
  • famous «House with lions»,
  • Postnikov's gallery,
  • monument to Pushkin and Pushkin square,
  • house №14 with famous grocery  «Eliseevskiy» known for its Excursion programme with tour guide in Moscow. amazingly luxurious interior
  • Central telegraph office and other sights

This street is interesting not only by their sceneries opening to all guests of the capital who made up their mind to go for a walk. Tverskaya street has rich history abounding with with surprising facts about which I will tell you during the excursion.

Don't miss the opportunity to get to know the oldest street of Russian capital!

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