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Old and New Arbat Avenues – Moscow journey with a guide

Visiting Arbat street with tour guide. Arbat is a very interesting place for Muscovites as well as guests of our city. The title of the street takes its origin from the Arabian word meaning “outskirts”.   Previously it was beyond the limits of the Kremlin. Modern Arbat occupies territory from Kremlin to Moskva River.

If you are interested in one of the most curious Moscow streets which has centuries-old history, use services of guide. Our skype: mizghinova o write us by e-mail: With guide’s help you will get many impressions from the tour on Old and New Arbat Avenue.

You will feel yourself like a citizen of an old Moscow; will get to know some secrets hidden behind the walls of ancient buildings of the Old Arbat Avenue. Walk with a guide will transfer you from one epoch to another, it’s like you will travel by a time machine and your trip will be very eventful.

Old Arbat Avenue began to be inhibited in 11th century.  This was the place of many wooden houses, shops and churches. Along this street the defenders of southern Moscow borders walked in olden times. Alleys: Monetary, Silver, Carpenters’ alley still bear their names. Ancient mansions of Old Arbat Avenue will tell you about the testes of their owners.

New Arbat Avenue was called “Kalinin’s avenue”, it reflects the spirit of social realism, it was built during 60-s of the last century. New Arbat Avenue is a visiting card of new epoch, expressing socialist ideas in the architecture. Feel, what took place in Moscow architecture, sense the mood of the people of past and present having visited Old and New Arbat Avenue.

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