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Metropolitan railway in Moscow. Moscow metro is irreplaceable part of Muscovites and guests of the city. So many interesting stories and meetings took place under the dome of Moscow underground. For example, metro station “Revolution square” which was opened 13.03.1938. During this time this station hasn’t change its name even for once. Its name is closely associated with the “Teatralnaya” station. Station “Revolution square” is decorated with seventy six bronze figures of representatives of different professions. During the World War II these figures were evacuated to the Central Asia and then returned to their places in 1944.

If you want to learn how the capital and the whole country developed during the century, than make use of guide’s services in Moscow subway. Contact us by e-mail: or by skype: mizghinova. For a short period of time you will find out so many interesting facts, take pictures of unique objects, feel yourself like a member of socialist power of Russian nation.

 And you know that stations of Moscow underground railway are called the most beautiful on the planet. It’s a generally recognized fact. Some of them are the real masterpiece.

Tour guide in Moscow metro. There are so many things to take a picture of in Moscow metro. This is what attracts tourists from all corners of the Earth here. For example, one of the most outstanding stations of Moscow underground which is
worth telling about is “Kievskaya” station. Muscovites don’t notice the shine of the interior of this station, but after all they are surrounded by real masterpieces. Here almost everything is decorated, even vent hole.

Metro station “Novoslobodskaya” has many thing to look at, 32  stained-glass windows reflect the power of the country which has won in the World War II. Station “Mayakovskaya” became the reflection of resistance of Russian people during the fight with invaders. During the raids of Germans this station was used as bomb shelter. Station “Komsomolskaya” is also worth paying attention since it became the reflection of Stalin’s Empire style.

In general, Moscow underground railway is integral image of industrial progress of the country, symbol of pride for many years. During the last seventy years Moscow metro became the place of concentration of brave architectural solutions.

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