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The most famous film studio Mosfilm: history was made here

History of the most famous film studio. There is hardly anyone who wouldn’t like to find himself on the other side of the screen, to feel oneself a director of some masterpiece, to see places where the most outstanding scenes of soviet cinematography were made. Today this dream can come true! A very famous film studio of Soviet times is one of the largest film studios in the world and Europe. It appeared in 1923 and it still attracts tourists and guests of the capital from all over the world.

More than 40 films have been awarded with USSSR prize and about one hundred films have been awarded with prizes on the international, global and soviet cinema festivals. Talented directors of Mosfilm made enormous contribution into the development of soviet and world cinematography. Mosfilm has active excursion bureau and museum. To see the costumes from films—masterpieces of the soviet period, properties, collection retro transport, it’s enough only to write a guide by email: and order excursion in the Mosfilm. Film studio is one of the largest not only in Russia but also in Europe.

Its current name, the film studio got in 1935 of the last century. In the process of its development there were released more than 2000 films, many of which have become part of the world fund of cinematograph. Creative people work here, and it becomes apparent during the visit. It’s possible to visit film studio with an excursion group, to take many nice pictures and get a lot of useful, interesting information, enriching yourself culturally. 

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