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Tourist in Moscow: what to see and with whom?

Tourism is one of the most inspiring ways to get to know different countries, customs and cultural particularities. What to show tourist in Moscow, how to create integral impression from the capital for him? As a rule, we can’t manage without individual approach. Ready programs are sometimes boring and in many ways they don’t take into account interests of particular person. To create your own impression about Moscow and Russia in total, you had better plan all elements of good rest and cognitive excursions beforehand.

I will help you to reach this aim thanks to the combination of my experience of conduction of individual excursions and selection of places for 2-3-4 day tours. Send an application and I will draw up comfortable, easily changeable schedule of excursions, appropriate for your rate and mood, and will conduct them infecting you with the love to capital.

How to find the best places for yourself?

Moscow is very big: it’s difficult for tourist to orient himself at once. There are places that sound familiar, i.e, the Red Square and Kremlin, Ostankino Tower, Cathedra of Christ the Savior, Sparrow Hills, VDNKh, Patriarshiye Ponds. Such places as Luzhkov bridge with castles of lovers, Bolotnaya Square, large modern buildings of Moscow City and other places are less known. It’s almost unreal to look at all this and other places in 2-3 days!

As a result, tourists have to be flexible. Often, many people go on excursions besides the main program of stay – business tourists in Moscow have to spare only few hours on the inspection of objects. Good guide-translator is able not only to accompany the events but to introduce clients with the capital during the time free from negotiations and meetings.

Literate, culturally educated and experienced guide will  find solution what places a tourist should visit  in Moscow: interesting places are easily classified by the spheres of client’s attention. Worth visiting places and objects – from Tverskaya street to Sofiyaskaya embankment, from museums to the walks in the fresh air are different.  We can organize good tourist trips and inspection of buildings, having thought through the route beforehand.


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