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Excursion, tour to the Church of Alexander Svirskiy in Saint Basil's Cathedral with private tour guide in Moscow

16-private-tour-guide-moscow Excursion to Saint Basil's Cathedral with private tour guide.

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South-eastern church is consecrated in the name of Reverend Alexander Svirskiy, whose memory is celebrated on August 30 (September 12). He became famous for the missionary activity turning the dwellers of Russian North into the Christianity. On the eve of the construction of Intersession cathedral in 1547 it was officially canonized.

In 1552 in the day of the memory of Alexander Svirskiy, one of the most important battles of Kazan campaign took place – defeat of the cavalry of the prince Yapanchi on Arskoe field. This is one of four small churches 15 m height. Its basement is quadrangle changes to the octagonal structure and ends with cylindrical light drum and vault. Interior of 16 century is restored in the church: brick floor with a fir-tree-like pattern, profiled cornices, stepped windowsills of the windows. Walls are covered with painting imitating brick laying.

“Brick” spiral is depicted in the dome – symbol of eternity.

18в. Iconostasis of the church was reconstructed. Between the wooden joists there are ions of 16- beginning of 18 century. The lower part of the iconostasis is covered by the hanging veils, embroidered skillfully by the masters. Traditional depiction of Golgotha Cross of 18 century is on the velvet veils.

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