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Excursion to the Church of the Intercession in Saint Basil's Cathedral with private tour guide in Moscow

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This is central church that has given the name to the whole monument, it was consecrated in honor of one of the most important Christian holidays of Intercession of the Virgin, on which the beginning of successful assault of Kazan by the troops of Ivan the Terrible on October 1(14) 1552. The height of church is 47.5 m. Up to 16 meters Intercession Cathedral was the highest structure of Moscow.

The lower tier of the church approaches to the square (quadrangle) with altar part projecting from the east. Its walls are divided by the high niches and half-columns. Two following tiers - octagonal structures serve as transition to the tent end with lowlight drum and vault with image of Our Lady of Sign. In the tent of church there is unique inscription left by ancient architects. It contains the exact date of completion of the building of the cathedral – 29 of June (12 of July) 1561. Inscription on located in 5 tiers. Height of the lower tier is 98 cm, the upper is 56 cm.

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Architecture of 16 the century is combined with original painting recovered on the north and west walls imitating brickwork. Fragments of oil “anecdotal” painting of 18-19 centuries are remained on the south wall.

Ancient iconostasis of the church hasn’t remained. With the time it dilapidated and in the second part of 18 century it was sold to the village Svistuha of Tverskaya province for 70 rubles. Iconostasis existing now was moved to the cathedral from kremlin Chernigov cathedral in 1770. It’s performed in baroque style. It’s decorated by the gilded cornices, twisted columns, figured wooden and tracery tin straps.

Three portals (entrances) lead to the central church from the side of internal gallery of the cathedral. Architectural decoration of the portals differs by the big variety and originality, they are richly decorated with cut brick décor in a form of beads, rosettes, scales, rhombs. Décor is performed of figured bricks. Final processing of the brick took place in situ, after the portals were laid. South portal is free of paintings and appears before us in its magnificent original brick decoration. Initial painting of brick floor is restored in the church.

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