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Guided tours around the Church of Nicola Velikoretskiy, Church of Varlaam Khutynskiy in Saint Basil's Cathedral of Moscow in English

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Church of Nicola Velikoretskiy

South Church was consecrated in the name of the Velikoretskiy mage of Nicholas Wonder-Worker. During the construction of the Intersession Cathedral in the far city of Vyatka Khlynov on the Great River, famous icon of St. Nicholas, who became famous for his miracles, burnt many times and always remained unharmed.

In 1555 by the order of Ivan the Terrible, wonder-working icon was brought in the religious procession on the rivers of Vyatka to Moscow. In Moscow the icon was solemnly met by Ivan IV and metropolitan Makariy who ordered to make a copy of icon. The event of great spiritual significance determined consecration of the church. One of big churches of the cathedral has a height 28 m is two-tier octagonal pillar with light drum and the vault. In the lower tier there are texts about the transportation of the image to Moscow and illustrations to them. In the upper tier there is an image of The Mother of God on the altar surrounded by the prophets, in the upper part there are apostles, in the vault - image of Christ Pantocrator.

The top tier shows the Virgin on a throne surrounded by the prophets, above - the apostles, in the roof - an image of Christ Pantocrator.

The iconostasis is richly decorated with stucco floral decoration with gilding. Icons in the narrow profiled frames are painted in oil. The sovereign tier contains the image of "Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Life" 18c.

The church interior is complemented by two removable two-sided icons depicting St. Nicholas. They were used for religious processions around the cathedral.

At the end of the 18th century the church floor was covered with white stone slabs. During restoration work a fragment of the original oak flooring was discovered underneath. This is the only place in the cathedral with preserved wooden floors.

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Church of Varlaam Khutynskiy

Southwestern little church was consecrated in the name of Varlaam Khutynsky, whose memory is celebrated on 6 (19) of November. Russian ascetic of the 12th century (he died in 1193) was specially esteemed by Vasily III and his son Ivan the Terrible as the protector of the royal family. With the name of Varlaam Grand Prince Vasily III was made a monk.

The height of the church is 15,2m. Its base is in the form of an elongated rectangle with dislocated altar. Symmetry breaking in the construction of the temple is caused by the need of a small passage between the church and the center - Protection of the Mother of God.

The quadrangle becomes low octagon. Cylindrical light drum is blocked by the vault. Church is illuminated by the oldest church-chandelier of the 15th century, made by German craftsmen. A century later Russian masters supplemented it with two- headed eagle.

Iconostasis consisting of icons placed on horizontal transoms was renovated in 1920 and consists of the icons of 16-18 centuries. The tsar gates are shifted to the right because of the irregular shape of the apse.

The brick floor is restored.

Of particular interest is the icon of the "Vision of sacristan Tarasiy" written in Novgorod in the late 16th century. The story of the icon is based on the legend of vision of Sexton Khutynsky of monastery of disasters that threatened to Novgorod: floods, fires, pestilence. The composition includes rare for iconography scene of fishing, plowing and sowing, telling about the everyday life of ancient Novgorod.

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