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Tour guide in Moscow
Guide touristique à Moscou
Reiseleitung in Moskau

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Tourist itineraries in Moscow

Excursions around Moscow with a tour guide in English.

Day 1

Outdoor area of the Moscow Kremlin plus visits to the Cathedrals (CLICK to see photos)

Red Square (CLICK to see photos)

St.Basil's Cathedral (CLICK to see photos) (entrance fee: .… rub per person)

Metro (CLICK to see photos) (entrance fee: 55 rub per person)


Day 2

Kolomenskoye (CLICK to see photos) (summer residence of the Russian tsars)

Wooden palace of tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov (father of Peter I) (CLICK to see photos), (entrance fee: 400 rub per person)

(Reduced replica of the palace was opened in the residence of Kolomenskoye on September 2, 2010)

Tsaritsino (CLICK to see photos) (countryside residence of empress Catherine II )


Day 3

City tour by car (price depending on the number of seats in a car - 5000-8000 rubles. Tour lasts about 7 hours)

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (CLICK to see photos) (in summer please make sure you are wearing full length pants. Visitors wearing shorts are not allowed!)

Novodevichy Convent (CLICK to see photos) (entrance fee: 300 rub per person, 500 rub. For the guide, thats is, for permission to make a tour, 100 rub.— photography fee)

Vorobievy Gory (CLICK to see photos) (view point to enjoy the city panorama)

Victory park (CLICK to see photos) (park dedicated to the Second World War)

Kolomenskoye (CLICK to see photos) (historical summer residence of the Russian tsars)


Day 4

Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery (CLICK to see photos) (70km from Moscow, travel time about 1 hour 30min. Return train tickets are about 328 rub per person)


See other sights of Moscow (CLICK)

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