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Excursion to the Alexander Garden near Moscow Kremlin with private tour guide in English

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Alexander garden, the first public park in Moscow

Designed by Giuseppe Bove in 1821-1823 and laid out over the bed of Neglinnaya river that was hidden in a tube. It was dedicated to the current emperor Alexander I.

The marvelous Cast Iron Gate (built to commemorate the victories of the Russian army over Napoleon) date back to the times of Alexander the First.

Near the fencing the monument known as the Grave of the Unknown Soldier was constructed in 1967, with an eternal flame brought from the Field of Mars in Leningrad, as the city was called at the time. Sentry post number one with ceremonial guards used to be in front of the Lenin's Mausoleum, but in the 1990s it was moved to the Grave of the Unknown Soldier. The change of guards take place every hour. Granite blocks contain pinches of earth brought from hero cities of the USSR, that got the title for their heroic struggle against the fascists. Names of those cities are written on the blocks.

In 1841 the Grotto with a small platform for the orchestra was constructed. The Grotto was designed to be remind of the napoleonic invasion. Side parts of the cave are made from fragments of the Moscow buildings destroyed by the Napoleon's army.

In 1914, a year after celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty a Romanov Obelisk was erected in the upper garden, with names of the tsars, and the most famous political leaders of the past written on it. Four years later the obelisk was reconstructed by the bolsheviks to be turned into a monument to the socialistic and communist thinkers (Marx, Engels, Bakunin, Plekhanov, Tchernyshevski, etc.). Some time ago the obelisk regained its original design.

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