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House of Pashkov and Lenin's library is the most beautiful and mysterious building of Moscow

Russian capital has its sights looking at which one can instantly understand what city it is. Pashkov's house is a such place in Moscow. This place was immortalized by the famous writer Bulgakov. In the book «Master and Margarita» Voland and Azazello admired the capital from this place and bade farewell to it. Legendary author of the book called this place one of the beautiful. It was built by the order of “the first Russian king of vodka” P. E. Pashkov.

The richest man of tsar's times has build «his own Kremlin» right opposite the real Kremlin. It was beyond one's power and beyond means of simple captain- lieutenant. To visit this famous place, to hear many interesting stories about the mystic and one of the most beautiful places of Moscow is possible by the call to a guide who specializes in this location of the capital. Our e-mail is The majority of city guests might want to know about the owner of this place, how and with what circumstances it was built. The house is covered with mysteries, many legends and stories are composed about its walls and the events which took place in its vicinity.

During the visit of Pashkov house we can’t but mention an interesting legend about the ghost of Rubakin H.A. This bibliophile has collected enormous amount of books (more than 2 thousands) and has presented them to people. Therefore, he walks almost in the main storage of books of the country till present time. They say that you should only ask him for help in the search of the necessary book and he won't refuse. Just imagine, what nice pictures you can take, how many emotions and recollections they will bring, if you visit excursion in the House of Pashkov and his library.

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