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Home > 16 Assumption Cathedral (Cathedral of the Dormition) in Moscow Kremlin

Excursions around the Assumption Cathedral (Cathedral of the Dormition) in Moscow Kremlin with a tour guide in English

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Upper part of the orthodox temple always symbolizes the celestial world, so each cupola has the image of God. Above the iconostasis — Christ of Edessa, under the main cupola — Christ Pantocrator, under another cupola — Sabaoth. Upper part of the temple symbolizes the celestial world, so it has depictions of unearthly beings such as archangels, cherubs, seruphs, evangelists as well as scenes from life Christ. Scene of Nativity of Jesus Christ, the Descent of Christ into hell, Transfiguration, Candlemass, under the upper vault — Ascension.


The circular pillars in the central part of the temple have 135 male figures with armor — those are warriors, but not just ordinary warriors, they are martyrs who gave their life for their faith in Jesus Christ during the period when Christians were persecuted. Their martyr death made them pillars of Christian faith.

Southern and Northern wall

Southern and Northern walls are dedicated to the Virgin, because the temple is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin, so murals of the Southern and Northern walls show earthly life of Mary. The main event in Mary’s life is depicted to the left of the window — it is Annunciation, the announcement of Archangel Gabriel (on the left) made to Mary (on the right) that she would give birth to the son of God who would take over all sins of mankind.

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