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Cathedral Square - The Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin is one of the oldest in Moscow. Cathedral Square saw such things as receptions of foreign ambassadors, Zemsky sobors (Assemblies of the Land), coronations and funerals of the tzars and emperors, troops gatherings, documents reading. The area was paved with stone only in 1913: before that, people moved ever it on the ground, which now turned into dirt, then froze.

In winter, the main Christmas tree of the country is established and decorated on the Cathedral Square.

It was impossible to enter this main, solemn, special square without removing the headdress, without jumping off the horse, only on foot, since for a man of that time such an area seemed to be an open-air temple.

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Cathedral Square is surrounded by the main cathedrals of the Russian state.

This is the Dormition Cathedral - where great princes and emperors were crowned. In the Dormition Cathedral bishops, metropolitan bishops and patriarchs received their ranks, public acts were announced, prayers were served before military campaigns and in honor of victories. In the XIV - XVII centuries, the Dormition Cathedral was the tomb of the heads of the Russian church - the metropolitans and patriarchs.

Cathedral of the Archangel - the tomb of the great Moscow and apanage princes, the first Russian tsars. Dedicated to the Archangel Michael, patron saint of the Russian army. Here, at the head of the solemn procession after the crowning ceremony, the tzar came to bow to the ancestors.

Cathedral of the Annunciation was the family chapel of the Russian great princes and kings. It was consecrated in honor of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Service in this cathedral is performed once a year on the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (April 7). On this day, according to the old Russian tradition, from the steps of the cathedral, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia releases birds, white pigeons into the wild.

Hall of Facets served as a grand throne room since the time of Grand prince Ivan III. Unfortunately, the chamber is currently unavailable for watching. The building on a high basement was built in the years 1487-

1491 by Italian architects Marco Fryazin and Pietro Solari. The Hall of Facets got its name because its facade is lined with white stone, hewn on four sides.

In the Terem Palace there were the chambers of the queen and royal children, and above them were the chambers of the tzar himself. In the superstructure, meetings of the Boyar Duma were held. In the third and fifth floors of the Terem Palace there are ground-floor galleries- gulbischa in russian.

The ensemble of the Terem Palace also includes the Golden Tsaritsyna Chamber of the 16th century and family chapels. In 1682, the churches of the Resurrection of the Word, the Savior and the chapel of the Crucifixion were connected with one roof. On the roof 11 heads were installed on tiled necks.

The Patriarchal Palace where the patriarch’s chambers were located. And his church in honor of the Twelve Apostles.

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