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Tour guide in Moscow
Guide touristique à Moscou
Reiseleitung in Moskau

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English speaking tour guide in Moscow. Unforgettable journey through the monuments of the capital of Russia

Walking tour with a guide around Moscow Kremlin. Would you like to make your visit to Moscow as much efficient  as possible? Would you like to get an acquainted with the most important sights of Moscow and have a really good time? If yes, choose me and my services of a personal English speaking guide, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a fascinating journey that you will never forget!


A personal tour guide means the best excursion!

Having a  personal guide costs more than taking a part of a group during your sightseeing and town tours, but its level of quality will justify the costs at 100%.

Interesting excursion with tour guide in Moscow. I speak English fluently, I know Moscow and all its sights thoroughly. Together we will create a great  itinerary, really interesting, with any length you want which includes all your preferences.

The capital of Russia is a Hero-City capable to impress any guest with its plenty of monuments of art and architecture. There are the magnificent imperial  palaces, the magnificent temples and cathedrals, a lot of museums, memorial houses where lived famous statesmen, monumental buildings of Soviet period and many other sights. The acquaintance with  them and its history will take your breath away and will give you many enjoyable moments that you will never forget.


Choose an itinerary by yourself

Tourists often come to Moscow with the aim to visit the Red Square,  the St Basil's cathedral, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, the Iberian Gate and the Mausoleum of Lenin. Many guests of our capital begin their fascinating itinerary with the Kremlin where it’s possible to visit such important sights as Cathedral of Personal guide in Moscow with interesting excursion. the Dormition, Cathedral of the Archangel, and Cathedral of the Annunciation, the Armoury, the Diamond Fund and the Spasskaya Tower.

Then the trip can be proceed in the Moscow’s theatres, museums and galleries. Nature lovers will appreciate the most beautiful parks of the capital: the Patriarch's Ponds, the park of Ostankino, the children’s park “Usadba Trubetskikh v Khamovnikakh”, the Izmaylovsky Park and others.

There are a lot of places in Moscow that are worth visiting. We will choose the best itinerary and I will tell you the most amazing facts from the history of the capital of Russia!


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