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Home > 17 The Assumption Cathedral (The Cathedral of the Dormition) in Moscow Kremlin

Excursions to The Assumption Cathedral (The Cathedral of the Dormition) in Moscow Kremlin with private tour guide in English

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Western wall (Last judgement)

In Russian Orthodox temples the Western wall is dedicated to the Last Judgement. The main judge is the Christ, he is depicted at the top. On his left is the Virgin, on the right – John the Baptist, disciples of Jesus Christ, the apostles, are sitting on the thrones, behind them are the heavenly angels — heavenly warriors. The Last Judgement is going on, all people are to be judged for their deeds. At the feet of Christ you can see Adam and Eve — the first people on the earth. Eve’s hands are covered because she used them to pluck the forbidden fruit; broke the commandment, that’s why as a symbol of that her hands are covered. Between them is the table with two cups in which good and evil deeds of people are weighed. If the cup with good deeds turns out to be heavier, the person goes to Heaven. On the left there are the righteous people, on the right — sinners. At the bottom is the hell. At the bottom is the hell full of fire with satan sitting in the middle. He is in the middle. Satan has a small man sitting on his lap. It is Judas who betrayed Christ. The coiled snake is coming from the hell, its coils are very well visible. Each coil symbolizes a human sin. On the right there are six painted circles. It was the medieval way to depict infernal tortures symbolically in shape of a circle that has no exit. Above those circles there is one more big circle where the angels are announcing the Second Advent of God’s son to earth, when the Last Judgement will take place, and everybody will get judged.

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Iconostasis is a wall of icons. Here this wall includes 69 icons.

Upper tier of iconostasis is the row of the Patriarchs — from Adam to Moses. Old Testament Patriarchs before the Christ.

The next tier is the row of prophets, in their hands they are holding scrolls with prediction about the God’s son coming to earth.

The next tier has small icons. Christian holidays. Epiphany, Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, Transfiguration, Crusification.

The main tier of icons is the deesis tier. “Deesis” means “praying” in Greek. All disciples of Christ are praying for the mankind during the Last Judgement.

The lowest corner always had the most worshipped icons.

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