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Guided tours in English around the Church of St. Cyprianus and Justina, Church of three patriarchs in Saint Basil's Cathedral of Moscow

19-private-tour-guide-moscow Excursion to Saint Basil's Cathedral with private tour guide.

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Church of St. Cyprianus and Justina

North church of the cathedral is dedicated to Christian martyrs Cyprianus and Justina living in IV century. Their memory is celebrated in 2(15) of October 1552. On this day the troops of the tsar Ivan IVtook Kazan by assault.

This is one of four big churches of Intersession cathedral. Its height is 20.9 m. High octahedral pillar is completed by light drum and dome with depiction of the Mother of God “Burning bush”. During 1780-s oil painting appeared in the church. There are scenes from the life of saints on the wall: in the lower tier – Adriana and Natalia, in the upper – Cyprianus and Justina. They are supplemented by multi-figured compositions on the topic of Evangelical parables from Old Testament. Appearance of the martyrs Adrian and Natalia of IV century in the painting was connected with renaming of the church in 1786. Rich contributor Natalia Michailovna Hrusheva donated money for the repair and asked to consecrate church in honor of her heavenly patrons. At that time there was executed gilded iconostasis in classicism style. It’s a wonderful example of skillful wood engraving. In the lower tier of the iconostasis there are scenes of Creation of the world (first and fourth day).

White-stone floor of XVIII century is preserved in the church.

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Church of three patriarchs

North-east church of the cathedral is consecrated in the name of three Patriarchs of Constantinople: Alexander, John and Paul New. Their memory is celebrated on August 30 (September). Prelates lived in different periods (IV-VIII centuries) and were famous because they actively opposed to the actions of heretics distorting Church doctrine. In 1552 on the day of Patriarchs memory, an important event for Kazan campaign took place – defeat of cavalry of Tatar prince Yapanchi by the troops of tsar Ivan the terrible. This is one of four small churches of the cathedral with height 14.9 m. The walls of the quadrangle changes into low octagon with cylindrical light drum. Church is interesting by the original system of overlapping with wide dome with composition “Image of Edessa”.

Wall oil painting was performed in the middle of XIX century (it reflects change of the church name. In connection with moving of the altar of the church of George of Armenia, it was consecrated in honor of the educator of Great Armenia). The first tier of the painting is dedicated to the life pf St. George of Armenia, in the second tier there is a story of the image of Edessa, bringing of it to the tsar Abgar to Edessa and also scenes of the life of Constantinople patriarchs. Five-tier iconostasis combines baroque elements with classical (of the middle of XIX century). It was executed specially for this church.

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