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Group and individual sightseeing in Kolomenskoe of Moscow with an English speaking guide

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Church of St. George of 1841 with belfry, first part of XVI century

The building of refectory of St. George church (building of the middle of XIX century) located on the Ascension square forms with Georgian belfry of XVI century situated nearby unified complex of Georgian church. The church was built in strict Gregorian style by of the Italian masters working at court and served as belfry of Ascension church.

According to the legend, in XVI century Moscow prince Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy ordered to establish a wooden church on that place in honor of great martyr George and in memory of battle of Kulikovo (September 8, 1380). Archeologists confirmed the existence of wooden temple on this place.

In XVI century Georgian belfry was built on this place. It served as belfry for temple of Ascension of Christ. In XVII century there was added wooden building of refectory and Georgian church appeared in such a way was consecrated in 1678.

In XIX an old building of refectory was disassembled and built in stone by the project of architect E.D. Turin.

In 1929 under the direction of P.D. Baranovsky restoration of Georgian belfry was carried out. And part of refectory was disassembled. In 2005-2006 refectory was restores and historical look was returned to St. George church.


Water tower, second part of XVII century

Water tower was built in 1670-s as center of complex hydroengineering system made for water supply to Tsars yard. Water-listing mechanism located in it, probably, was made by the master of Armory Bogdan Puchin sent in 1675 to Kolomenskoe. Brick building with a height 40 m reminds peculiar gate tower. Tower located on the road between villages Kolomenskoe and Dyakovo, leading through the dam in ravine and compositionally performed role of binding link between neighboring villages.

The tower is known under the name “Sokolinaya tower” since according to the legend appeared in XIX century, it was the place for hunting birds for tsar’s falcon hunt. Perhaps, origin of the legend is connected with that one of the tsar’s merlin houses situated not far from the tower. The tsar Alexey Michailovich liked falcon hunt very much, sometimes he went to the hunt twice a day – before and after the dinner. Kolomenskoe was one of the favorite places of tsar’s hunt – on the territory of the manor wild ducks and other birds were bred. Most likely, falcons were brought from the main center of falcon service - village Sokolniki. The tsar also came to Kolomenskoe to “winter amusement”: to hunt on elks, wolves, foxes, hares being in abundance in the neighboring forests.

According to the historical references this was the place where the troops of Dmitriy Donskoy stayed after Battle of Kulikovo in 1380 and troops of peter the Great after the battle of Poltava in 1790.

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Church of beheading of John the Forerunner 1560-1570-s

Church of beheading of John the Forerunner in the former village Dyakovo is the first wooden temple built in 1529. But it situated in another place. During Moscow fire of 1547 it was decided to build temple in Kolomenskoe having provided for it vaster territory. The building relates to XVII century, exact year is unknown. In XX temple restauration took place and in the result of the last restauration in 2009, temple is in a very good condition. It consists of central octahedral pillar with height of 34 meters and adjoining 4 octahedral tower-shaped side-chapels 17 meters high. All this architectural composition stands on single foundation and is connected by bypass gallery. Church is brick but its walls are plastered and whitewashed.

There is a garden near the church. In the past there were 6 gardens in Kolomenskoe where fruitful trees grew: apple trees, pear trees, cherry tree, currant bushes, gooseberry bushes, raspberry. Also various trees were planted: cedar, walnut, fir. The gardens were very well cared of since there was punishment for the damage of vegetable gardens and gardens.

These gardens had direct economic significance since berries and fruits for tsar families were gathered from them. Now there are only 3 gardens.

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