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Palace and park complex Tsaritsyno – cozy green island in Moscow

Interesting excursion with tour guide in Zarizino. Museum and reserve Tsaritsyno is very popular among the Russian as well foreign tourists thanks to its amazing beauty. This is a spacious palace and park complex with buildings of ancient architecture and magnificent sceneries of park zone.

I invite You and Your children to go on excursion to Tsaritsyno! Accompanied by the professional guide who will tell you many interesting facts from the history of palace, Your journey will be really captivating adventure. Contact me by e-mail:

Fancy-dress shows, holidays for children, open air celebrations and other events are carried out on the territory of Tsaritsyno, depending on the season of the year. In the local museum one can look at different thematic expositions which are regularly updated. This allows museum and reserve to remain as interesting as during the repeated visits. 

Visiting Tsaritsyno, it’s obligatory to see the following important objects of palace and park complex:

Big palace of Tsaritsyno, notable for the amazing architecture.

Bread house with its exhibitions and concerts.

Orthodox temple “Source of Life” erected in the first part of XVIII century.

Small and medium palaces.

The largest of bridges preserved till our days – the big bridge across the ravine and other sights keeping a particle of Russian history.

Here is a wonderful park providing visitors with excellent opportunities for rest from the noise, bustle and dust of city streets.

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