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How to choose a guide, translator, tour guide in Moscow?

If you plan to spend good time in Moscow, a guide-translator will help you to do this maximally comfortable. Many tasks can be reassigned to a specialist: selection of places for visiting, preparation of information about them, short and extended excursions. Take into account that it’s possible to conduct an excursion for 20 minutes in every place as well as for few hours and sometimes days. How much time to spare for each sight, how to rest between insightful and useful elements of the program – experienced guide in Moscow will tell you about it.

You will be able to coordinate the program with me, to indicate the main interests, to determine optimal time for the attendance of the main places in Moscow. I will be glad to choose and conduct an excursion for you, to plan the tour for 2-3-4 stay in the capital.

What skills should the guide and translator have?

  • As a rule, guide-translator is the person who helps to see the “invisible”. He is deeply immersed into the culture of the country, and easily orients himself in it. You can rely not only on his knowledge and experience but also on general wide knowledge and cultural baggage of the specialist.

  •  Good translator knows Moscow better than native citizen. He is interested in modern objects and state of ancient buildings, is ready to share all new and interesting that is going on in the capital. Orientation of location is a key factor for individual programs. In contrast to the ordinary, group tours, this variant allows you to see the most interesting and to exclude more boring places for the visit.

  • Readiness to adjust to “live English” is an important quality of an experienced guide. Because you can listen to classic beautiful text in record. Advantage of the presence of highly-educated specialist is a possibility to “be infected” by the history and situations taking place in particular places.
  • Non-standard sightseeing tour is big plus of the guide-translator. He will tell you about every object vividly, sincere and very exciting.

Additional skills. Ability to render first aid, to cope with unexpected situations, organization of meals, assistance in selection of souvenir production, knowledge of import-export laws will help every tourist. 

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