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Tour of the Cathedral of the Archangel in Moscow Kremlin with an English speaking guide

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Gilded iconostasis is 13 meters high. It was carved from linden wood in 1680 by Russian craftsmen. On the right of the Holy door there is the icon of Christ Pantocrator depicted as Byzantium emperor. Before this icon had a silver casing weighting over 25 kg. But it disappeared during the French invasion. Second icon to the left of the Holy Gate represents Archangel Michael and dates back to the end of XIVth - beginning of the XVth century. Icon of St. Nicolas the Wonderworker who holds a temple in one hand symbolizing a city, and a sword in the other hand as symbol of protection for the city. Icon of St. John the Baptist - Angel of the Desert. He spent a lot of time in desert, and he is represented as a winged angel. Behind this icon there is the tomb of Ivan the Terrible and his two sons.

Miracle of the gold

A young boy told about his finding to the father superior, and was sent together with some monks to get it. Monks took the gold and drowned the boy. Then they returned to the monastery and told the father superior that Vasily cheated them and escaped. However, Archangel Michael saved the boy from the sea and miraculously transferred him back to the monastery. The evil deed of the monks got revealed, they acknowledged their guilt and returned the gold.

Miracle of  Archangel Michael in Chonae

Chonae is the town where this miracle took place. It was located on the territory of modern Turkey. An old man built a church dedicated to Archangel Michael as gratitude for his daughter’s curing by the waters of a miraculous spring. He served as a sexton in the church for 60 years. The pagans wanted to destroy the temple and kill Archippus. So they made two mountain rivers form one flow and directed it to the temple. Archangel Michael appeared upon the prayer of the old man. He struck a rock with his sceptre and a huge hole appeared, so all the water disappeared there without damaging the temple…

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