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Tour of Victory Park on Poklonnaya mountain and Central museum of the Great Patriotic war with a Moscow English speaking guide

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The 135 ha park named after the Victory was founded in 1958, and some trees were planted in it.

Main ally of the Victory park

Main ally of the Victory park is called “War years”, its layout symbolizes the greatness and tragic nature of the events of 1941-1945. Ally consists of 5 terraces that symbolize the 5 hard years of the war. When walking along these allies people can admire the 225 fountains (symbolizing the 225 weeks of the ware). The very center of the square has a monument 141,8 meters high (the Second World war lasted for 1418 days). The main site of the park is the Central museum of the Great Patriotic war with thousands of exhibits including arms, military vehicles, as well as photos and videos about the war.

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The monument of the Victory was erected to commemorate the soldiers of the Red Army who committed. It symbolizes the nobility of the soldiers and the unbroken spirit of the Soviet people. It is shaped as a bayonet. Its height is 141,8 метров which symbolizes 1418 long and hard days and nights of the Great Patriotic war. The bayonet monuments weighs about 1000 tons, it is made from steel and faced with stone.

Bas-reliefs – facets of the monument are decorated with 30 bronze bas-reliefs. They show the battles from the siege of the Brest fortress to the assault of Berlin and the fireworks of Victory in May 1945. The bas-reliefs show soldiers and seamen, pilots and tankmen as well names of the freed cities.

Sculptural composition – Nika, the Goddess of Victory She is holding the wreath of glory in her right hand. In the ancient Greek mythology the winged goddess represented a successful and happy end of military operation. She is accompanied by two angels playing trumpets to glorify the Russian army. Sculptural composition is placed on the monument 100 m above the ground and it weighs 25 tons.

Sculptural composition — St. George defeating the dragon. George the Victory maker who never lost a single battle symbolizes the people who won the war. St. George is the patron saint of the Russian orthodox warriors — he is slaying the dragon that symbolizes the evil in Rus.

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