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Sightseeing in Kolomenskoe near Moscow with an English speaking guide for group and individual tourists

Excursion to Kolomenskoe of Moscow with private tour guide.

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Historical territory of wooden palace of tsar Alexey Michailovich of XVII

Here was tsar’s palace which has been created during 5 years –from 1667 to 1672 under the direct supervision of the tsar Alexey Michailovich.

Tower-room consisted of the buildings for the tsar, prince, tsarina and four princesses. These buildings were connected by the passages between each other and also with utility spaces and palace church. There were 26 constructions of different height in the palace – from 2 to 4 floors. In total there were 270 rooms, they were illuminated by 3000 windows decorated with carved platbands with numerous colored carved details. Also rich carving decorated roofs, porches and galleries.

Kolomenskiy palace consisted of 7 mansions: all mansions were connected by the passages with each other and also with palace church – Church of Our Lady of Kazan.

Reduced copy of this palace was solemnly opened in the manor Kolomenskoe on September 4, 2010. This is recreated wooden palace of the second Russian tsar of Romanov dynasty – Alexey Michailovich ruling in Russia from July 14 1645 to January 29, 1676.


Petition post of XVII century

Petition post in Kolomenskoe is one of the most unusual monuments of Russian architecture. The post is located near the main façade of destructed palace of tsar Alexey Michailovich. If to believe the ancient legends, peasants put complaints and requests to the tsar on this post. Also, tsar orders were placed on this post. Later sundial was attached to the post. The post is made in a form of brick cylinder structure with the diameter 27 cm. The height of the base is 23 centimeters. Appearance of such unordinary post is connected with erection of Romanovs’ palace in Kolomenskoe in 1667-1670. The post has survived to the present day.

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Church of Our Lady of Kazan, middle of XVII century

Wooden cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan on the Tsar yard in Kolomeskoe was built under the tsar Michail Fedorovich in 1630-s. In 1651 the brick building of the cathedral, remained till our days, was built instead of wooden one.

Cathedral is dedicated to one of the most honored icons In Russia- icon of Our Lady of Kazan with whose marvelous intercession rulers of the Romanov family connected their election.

Located in the center of Tsar yard, the cathedral served as domestic, family church for royalty living there.

On the level of second floor the cathedral is connected with the wooden palace of the tsar Alexey Michailovich built in 1667. Nowadays services take place all year-round in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan.

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