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Captivating excursions in Moscow in English with a private guide

Captivating excursions in Moscow in English with a private guide. To understand Russia, you should see Moscow. This city, founded almost 1000 years ago is a real treasury, full of cultural and historical values. Examining the streets and squares of Russian capital, taking walks on Moskva River, you will get unforgettable esthetic impressions. But if you are accompanied by professional English-speaking guide, every sight you see will reveal to you its mysteries and historical secrets!

Having gone to excursion in Moscow with a private English-speaking guide, you will make an amazing journey to the past of this city:

  • You will go behind the walls of the ancient Kremlin, see the treasures of the Diamond Fund and the Armory.
  • You will find yourself behind the walls of Novodevichiy Convent, find out about its noble prisoners, secrets of the tsar family.
  • You will go down to Moscow metropolitan that surprises tourists by the luxury of decoration.
  • You will walk on the most famous Moscow streets including Arbat and Tverskaya.
  • You will visit Tretyakov gallery and other world-famous museums.

And these are only few examples of the tens of excursion routes in Moscow!

In Moscow you can order group and individual excursions with English-speaking guide by e-mail: Excursions for groups are economical variant but the individual excursion has its advantages:

  • You ask the guide to change excursion route.
  • At any moment you can stop to take a better look at this or another monument of architecture, this or another museum exhibit.
  • During the communication with a guide you will be able to ask questions, to discuss what you have seen and exchange opinions, since professional English-speaking guide in Moscow has wide knowledge in the sphere of culture, history and art.

Get the maximum from your trip to Moscow having ordered captivating excursions in English.

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