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Tour guide in Moscow
Guide touristique à Moscou
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Moscow Kremlin. Tour of the Kremlin in Moscow with an English speaking guide

37-private-tour-guide-in-moscow If you are interested in services of a tour guide in Moscow, please get in touch with us through our "Contact us" form, WhatsApp or email

We will be glad to help you!

We invite you for an individual tour of the Moscow Kremlin with an English speaking guide.

Kremlin is closed for visits on THURSDAYS.

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The guide will take your preferences into account and tell you the most interesting things, for example, about:

· the main cathedral where the tsars were crowned and married;

·cathedral where the members of Rurikovich dynasty are buried, as well as the first members of the Romanov dynasty;

·grave of Ivan Kalita, Dmitri Donskoy, of father and grandfather of Peter I, and grave of Ivan the Terrible;

·the house church of the Russian tsars;

·the biggest cannon and the biggest bell in the world;

·place where Lenin worked and lived and where a monument to him was located till 1995;

·the workplace of our president;

·The Grand Kremlin palace that was the residence of the tsar family;

·which place gave birth to a Russian saying “to shout to be heard on the entire Ivanonskaya (square)”, which means “to shout very loudly, at the top of one's voice”;

·about two monasteries that were exploded in the Soviet times;

·the burial place of the women of the tsar family;

·and much more.

More detailed information for the most determined and curious: What will you see during the tour of Kremlin:

38-private-tour-guide-in-moscow ·Walls and towers of Kremlin

·State Kremlin Palace

·Arsenal and Senate

·Tsar cannon

·Tsar bell

·Taynitski garden

·Cathedral square (which includes Dormition cathedral cathedral of Archangel Michael, Annunciation cathedral, church of the Deposition of the Robe, Ivan the Terrible's Belfry, Palace of the Patriarch, Grand Kremlin Palace, Palace of the Facets)

What will you visit in Kremlin with an English speaking guide:

·Dormition cathedral

·cathedral of Archangel Michael

·Annunciation cathedral

Additionally you can visit on your own (yourselves):

·Church of the Deposition of the Robe

·Palace of the Patriarch

·Taynitski garden

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