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Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Tour to Bolshoi theatre with a Moscow English speaking guide.

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All over the world buildings of theaters are erected after specially designed projects and are always very richly decorated. But even among the most impressive structures Bolshoi theatre is still one of the most recognizable.

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Bolshoi is the symbol of all Russian culture. It is a world famous ballet company. Opera. Symphonic orchestra. Visit the center of the unique world famous Russian culture with a guided tour to get to know it really well.

Unique moments included in the guided tour of Bolshoi theatre in English:

- visit of the historic stage and rehearsal halls;

- stroll along the richly decorated corridors.

Bolshoi theatre has its own museum that holds thematic exhibition, such as Museum and Theatre: 100 Years Together. It has about 600 items displayed chronologically.

According to the representatives of the Bolshoi theatre, it stores lots of memorial items that are very important for the history of art. For more than 160 years Bolshoi theatre has been the stage where the most outstanding artists have been performing, such as opera singer Shalyapin, and ballet dancers Ulanova and Plisetzkaya.

After major reconstruction the theater started a new life and is ready to share the most interesting pages of its history. Visit Bolshoi theatre to get a chance to get to know the legendary theatre and the enormous world of the Russian art during the tour with an English speaking guide.

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