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Bunker-42 on Taganka in Moscow. Tour of Bunker-42 on Taganka with an English speaking guide in Moscow

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How can one skip bunker of Stalin? It is almost impossible! Don't hesitate to visit this unique site with a Moscow tour guide. During the excursion in English you will learn that:

- Bunker of Stalin on Taganka is located in the center of Moscow near the Sadovoye ring, at the depth of 65 meters, and its area is over 7000 sq. m.

- History of creation of the underground site started in 1950s during the cold war – due to threat from the nuclear weapons.

- The territory of the underground complex now houses Bunker-42 museum, as well as halls for gala dinners and official events.

- The museum has a lift that takes you down to the -18th floor, and then back to the surface.

Please, take into account that during any season and in any weather a constant comfortable temperature is maintained in the complex – slightly above 20 degrees Celsius. In front of the entrance there is a cloak room for large personal items.

Interesting facts:

- Entrance to the complex was disguised as a building of the XIX century. Its walls conceal 6 m thick protection buffer made of concrete. People inside the bunker were protected with a system of labyrinth corridors and with armed doors (as protection from atomic blast).

- There is a lift shaft with staircase that leads directly to the bunker.

- Bunker is located at the same level as Ring (Koltzevaya) line of the metro. In some places of the bunker sound of passing metro trains can be heard.

- Underground complex of 7000 square meters is divided into 4 tunnel blocks.

- Daily between 100 and 600 people came here for alert duty.

- In case of a nuclear explosion the underground town could shelter 5000 people. Thanks to stored food, fuel, and system of regeneration and purification of air the sheltered people could live there for 6 months.

This complex was built after some engineering experiments. At first a model of bunker was constructed and tested at a special testing ground. Totally in the beginning of the 1950s three tests with a nuclear explosion were carried out.

If you are interested in the history of cold war and confrontation between the USSR and the USA, this site is really a must for you. Tour of the Bunker-42 museum with a guide in English will be interesting for everybody. This unusual historic monument is very popular both among adults and schoolchildren of 8-9 years and older.

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