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The Ceremonial mounting parade of Horse Guard and Foot Guard of the Presidential Regiment

Visit of the ceremonial mounting parade of Horse and Foot Guard with a guide in English.

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The Ceremonial mounting parade of Horse Guard and Foot Guard of the Presidential Regiment is held at the Cathedral Square on Saturdays at 1200 from April to October.

Ceremonial mounting parade is performed by the the Presidential Regiment of the Moscow Kremlin Commandant’s Service of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation.

This unique ceremony is held only during warm season. Both Horse and Foot Guard take part in it. The ceremony is held every Saturday at 12 pm on the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin, but only from April to October. In 2019 the last Ceremonial parade was held on October 19 – that was the concluding ceremony of the 15th season.

The ceremony aims not only to entertain tourists and Kremlin visitors. The ceremony brings together various epochs of the Russian Armed Forces and showcases the continuity of the glorious Russian military traditions.

The modern ceremony of Horse and Foot Guard parade of the Presidential Regiment was established in autumn of 2004. It includes:

  • arms drills;
  • «horse carussel»;
  • musical accompaniment (by a wind band).

The program features dynamic regrouping with demonstration of different patterns, and special arm drills. Every year new complicated elements are added, such as «labyrinth», «stream», «clock», arms drill consisting of 20 elements (performed without pauses in fast tempo).

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You can see the ceremony during a Kremlin excursion with an English-speaking guide. The Guard and Flag group has personnel from 26 different regions of the country.

The Cavalry Escort of the Presidential Regiment also demonstrates very sophisticated and extremely difficult elements of the horse mounting: “horse carussel”, “figure eight”, “mill”, “candle” and “chain”. Besides, you will see special techniques of handling cold weapons.

Musical accompaniment is provided by the President's Band of the Commandant’s Service of the Moscow Kremlin. If your Kremlin tour is scheduled for Saturday, don't miss this unique performance.

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