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Tour of GULAG History Museum with a Moscow tour guide in English

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State GULAG History Museum was founded in 2001 to commemorate the victims of the Stalin repressions. First a permanent exhibition was put together, and later it was moved to a building restored for the purpose.

You can discover this unique exhibition with an English-speaking guide during your visit to Moscow. It is worth seeing, because until now it is still the only state organization telling about the history of repressions. The building facade is covered with copper wires showing the symbolic meaning of repressions.

The visitors can learn more about one of the saddest and the most complicated pages of the Russian history through:

  • letters and notes;
  • photos;
  • interactive maps of the GULAG;
  • interiors of the barracks that show unbearable living conditions of innocently condemned political prisoners.

The impression from the exhibition is enhanced by propaganda-packed Soviet posters. Try to visit this unique place with a guide, so that you could ask any questions and learn about the history of the place and of this horrible historic period of the beginning of the XX century.

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