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Tour of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics with a Moscow tour guide in English

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Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is located on the Cosmonauts Alley of VDNKh. Total area of the museum is 8400 m². Its collection includes 100 thousand items. During the guided tour you will see rare interesting items, learn about key events of Russian Cosmonautics (launching of the first man-made satellite of the Earth, first manned flight to the space). What you can see in the museum:

  • space suits;
  • space foods;
  • personal items and tools for space;
  • replica of Mir space station interior (full size base block);
  • full size spaceship of Soyuz series;
  • space capsule of Belka and Strelka (original);
  • duplicate of the first satellite;
  • first experimental liquid fueled rocket.

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Most items are original: they were used for actual flights or for training of the cosmonauts. Replicas help to understand inner structure of the technical equipment for the fights. Tourists can wear spacesuits for photos. The museum has a modern cinema, cafe and a shop.

Museum offers tours adapted for visitors of different ages. You can learn how various planets and satellites were studied, how cosmonauts live and work. You can also learn about various various space centers of the world. Tour with a Moscow English-speaking guide will help you to discover more interesting facts and not to miss any important items. The guides will make sure you see all of them.

Tour of the Memorial Museum of the Cosmonautics can be conveniently combined with a walking tour of VDKh, or with a visit to the Ostankino TV tower.

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