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The Skyscrapers Of Moscow-City. Tour with an English speaking guide: Moscow Сity and its view points

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Moscow-City International business center is a huge complex of modern buildings. Originally it was planned to construct 23 buildings, by 2016 12 building were constructed. The lowest tower is the Northern Tower (23 floors), and the tallest tower has 73 floors.

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There are several view points, so you can find plenty of beautiful views at any time of the year! Visiting Moscow-City with an English speaking will guarantee you plenty of interesting facts as well as plenty of fantastic photos for Instagram.

Interesting facts about Moscow-City towers:

·The smallest one is going to be Imperia 2 tower. It is under construction since 2018. It is going to have only 18 floors.

·The tower that attracts the most attention is the curved tower (shaped as DNA) – Evolution. It has 54 floors.

·One of the most visited and iconic view points is the view point of Imperia tower (60 floors).

·The complex has twin towers – City of Capitals towers (62 and 73 floors).

·The only colored tower is the bronze Mercury City tower (75 floors). It indeed chases away the clouds and planes.

·Another popular tower is the OKO tower that consists of the Northern and Southern tower. It has the best restaurants of the city and a closed night club. These towers have 85 and 89 floors accordingly.

Another Moscow-City tower that attracts a lot of attention is the Federation tower. In 2019 it got a prestigious European Property Award. This complex consists of 2 towers of 63 floors (West tower) and 95 floors (East tower). It is the tallest tower of Europe and the symbol of Moscow-City. Visit this site with an English speaking guide for fantastic impressions!

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