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Moskvarium in Moscow. Tour of the Moskvarium, Moscow center of oceonography and marine biology with an English speaking guide

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Moskvarium was inaugurated in 2015 and soon has become one of the key attractions of the capital. It is a modern Center of oceanography and marine biology. Visit the Center with a guide to get full appreciation of the collection of this museum of wildlife.

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Moskvarium has several zones:

- aquarium;

- hall for water shows with marine animals;

- Swim with Dolphins center.

Aquarium zone has about 8000 marine and fresh water animals from all over the world. Vast surface of the exposition (12000 recreates the ecosystem of the World Ocean and of the big water bodies of Russia. The visitors will be able to see:

- predators (sharks, crocodiles);

- turtles, octopuses;

- rays, morays, star fishes and sea-horses;

- many fresh water fishes, diodons, crustacea;

- various plants, actinia and corals.

You will be fascinated by feeding of sharks, seals and piranhas. There are weekly feeding shows.

Water shows hall can seat more than 2000 people. It regularly holds shows with orcas, dolphins, sea lions and other animals.

Swim with Dolphins Center has 7 modern swimming pools. Here you can swim with friendly mammals individually or with some friends.

We invite you to explore the marine world at Moskvarium with a tour guide in English in Moscow.

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