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Museum of Moscow. Tour of the Museum of Moscow with a tour guide in English

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Important. On Mondays the Museum of Moscow is closed.

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Moscow has over 400 museums, both private and statal. Among those museums one is dedicated to the city itself. It is the Museum of Moscow. This museum organizes lots of thematic exhibitions and events. Do you want to learn anything about the capital of Russian and see the city from an unusual angle? Then you definitely should come here with a guide!

For example, this year it hosts an exhibition called “Fabric of Moscow” that tells about the textile history of the city since the end of the XIX century and about the development of light industry. Exhibition called “Family values” will tell you about 150 years of development of the concept of the family. Cultural center is ready to tell you all about history of the Moscow river and Moscow region. There are also other exhibitions and excursions, a lecture hall, expositions are renewed all the time, and new projects come up regularly.

Order a guided tour in English in the Museum of Moscow right after arrival to the capital in order not to miss any interesting events.

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