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Museum-panorama "Battle of Borodino" in Moscow. Tour to the Panorama museum of Borodino battle with a Moscow tour guide in English

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Attention! Panorama Museum of Borodino Battle is open every day except Fridays.

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Panorama museum is located in the center of the city, at Kutuzov avenue, 38. Its exposition is unique. This is the place not only for people interested in the battle or the history of Russia. Only here you are accompanied by a Moscow tour guide in English to see and study the panorama of Borodino battle and to get all the important information about this crucial historic event.

The first panorama was opened in 1912, while Russia was still a monarchy. It was located in a light wooden building at Chistye Prudy. However, a couple of years after the opening the museum became abandoned. The unique panorama was reopened in a new building only for the 150th anniversary of the battle.

The museum is located in a circular building and has an unusual look. In front of the museum there is a monument to Kutuzov. Around the museum there are several attractions, and the images on the walls that show scenes of the battle.

Inside you will see:

  • interiors and clothes of the XIX century;
  • figures of the inhabitants of the city of that period in the entrance hall;
  • military items, armour, a big cannon;
  • portraits of all great commanders who took part in the battle: Barklay de Tolly, Bagration and others;
  • scheme of the battle and person items of Kutuzov;
  • every day items of the time;
  • pictures and other items, kitchenware with pictures of the time or with some thematic images.

Order a museum tour with an English speaking guide in Moscow so that you could admire the panorama of the battle as well as understand its meaning and its value in the history, feel the vibe of that time and hear lots of stories connected with the battle. You will see the magnificent painting that measures 115 meters long and 15 meters high, but you will also hear the emotional story about the heroic struggles of the Russian against the advancing army of Napoleon.

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