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New Arbat in Moscow. A walk along the New Arbat in English with a Moscow tour guide

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New Arbat is a pedestrian zone in the center of Moscow for relaxed walks, shopping and hanging out. It is a chance for every tourist to:

·have a snack in one of the many cafes and restaurants;

·stroll down the streets of the capital;

·do some shopping;

·take part in the various festivals that are regularly held here.

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The main attraction of this area are the famous book shaped buildings that look particularly impressive at night. A walk in the evening will give you bright impressions of the night time Moscow. Decorative lights will give you a good opportunity to take beautiful photos as a memory of your trip and excursion.

Another good place for walking and sightseeing is the area around Old Arbat. It is a historic street often called the “soul of the capital”.

A walk with an English speaking tour guide of Moscow will help you to learn interesting facts about New Arbat, the history of its buildings as well as to visit the iconic sites. The guide can also tell you about places you can visit on your own.

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